Thursday, October 22, 2009

Greetings from the Black Alum Board

Ms. Walker workin' it out with her iPhone!
The Ladies of the Board wind down after a loooong day of meetings!

Natasha welcoming some of the B.A. Board newbies!

Kyree cheesin' with the Chairwoman
Natasha modeling a corporate "Do" look during the mentoring workshop
One of our enthusiastic ND students delivering her elevator pitch!
ND students listen intently on how to secure that J-O-B!
Mentoring Director Carol Anderson
Arienne and Jetaun hard at work ;)
Madame Chairperson has the floor
B.A. Board working hard for the...well, cause
Thompson#1 getting ready for a day of meetings with Rochelle

During a beautiful Fall weekend in September, the newly elected B.A. Board gathered for their first meeting as an official governing board. They discussed important issues ranging from minority admissions, Student-Alum mentoring, local ND-club involvement and campus climate. Under the leadership of Chairwoman Rochelle Valsaint, the board proposed and discussed various strategies for accomplishing their annual and 3-year-goals. Though it's still early in the term, this board is definitely on track to really "Shake Down the Thunder" for the next three years!

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